The Mark Segger Sextet is a Toronto-based avant-chamber-jazz group formed in 2008 to play the music of drummer and composer Mark Segger, “one of Canada’s most noteworthy emerging voices in jazz and creative music” (Dennis Slater, FFWD Weekly). A product of Toronto’s vibrant creative music scene that has emerged through venues like Somewhere There, the Tranzac, and the Rex jazz club, released the The Beginning in 2011, completed two successful Canadian tours, and has a second recording scheduled for release in 2015. The Sextet’s music is intricate, rhythmically sophisticated, and executed with grace and energy by the stellar musicians who comprise the group.


Mark Segger - Drums

Mark Segger

Jim Lewis - Trumpet

Jim Lewis

Chris Willes - Saxophone

Peter Lutek

Tania Gill - Piano/Melodica

Tania Gill

Heather Segger - Trombone

Heather Saumer

Rob Clutton - Bass

Rob Clutton